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Dating bots, Killing Joke, & Convention Hookups

What the color of your period is trying to tell you. Why we need a dating bot. Why people are mad at The Killing Joke. Are Swedes getting it on less? Sex labeling mixups in scientific research. Cleric says keeping sex slaves is ok. Ohio court knocks down ban on police having sex with minors. Lots of hooking up during the political conventions. Guide to de-objectifying female comic characters. Why can’t the Olympics figure out the sex of athletes?

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New York Post puts a naked Melania Trump on the cover. There are infinite options for non-monogamy. I was interviewed about sex ed, LGBT rights, burlesque and more. Discharge, queefs and other health issues women don’t talk about. Women arrested in Iran for cycling in public. Sisterhood of the skateboard. Yes, you can workout during pregnancy. Why are female athletes critiques for muscular physiques?  There are different kinds of hot flashes.

Hat tip to Adam, Anna!

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