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Relationship Anarchy, Dirty Talk, & Herpes Vaccine

Terrifying but true excerpts from sex ed books. Harley Quinn and Joker are not #relationshipgoals. Is sex addiction real? Relationship anarchy takes the judgement and ranking out of love. How to be feminist in your relationship. The politics of dirty talk. “My boyfriend was intimidated by my sexual history so I dumped him.” Man gets 2 obits in newspaper, from both wife and girlfriend.

DTF- aug.jpgDTF: Darryl & Timaree Fun Hour is August 12 featuring guest cohost Elicia Gonzales and panelists Sue Taney and Bino Brogden. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t identify as a feminist. Delta Airlines is showing a censored version of the lesbian romance Carol without kissing. Strippers need to take back pole dancing. People describe the moment they knew their relationship was doomed. Trump’s economic policy team has no women on it. A potential herpes vaccine is in pre-clinical phase.

Hat tip to Alex!

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