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Prison Dating, & Nebraska Bigot Sues All the Gays

Inside the prison dating website. Marco Rubio is a good reminder of why we need more women in politics. The role of pediatricians in teaching kids about sex. Embracing sexuality in a fantasy world. Pokemon Go and sexuality in neoliberal Indonesia. The Daily Beast’s Grindr stunt is shady as hell. Nebraska bigot sues all the gays; judge tosses lawsuit. Kenya’s unique approach to rape prevention.

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TX Department of Health abortion pamphlet is full of bullshit. LGBT students still face lots of violence in school. NJ lesbians must first have sex with men before getting insured fertility treatment. Another white athlete gets slap on the wrist for rape, survivor releases powerful statement. Read the comments for once on this thread written from the perspective of a domestic abuser. Are we dependent on hookup apps?

Hat tip to Dr Nerdlove!

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