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The Polyamorists Next Door: Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Sheff

Hey friends, it’s #TBT so we’re featuring a classic episode that originally ran (you’ll note the super dated references immediately) in 2013.

Polyamory  is like the band, fun.. Been around for, like, forever… but in 2013 they’re finally breaking through. Except, instead of doing a song with  Janelle Monáe, it’s having multiple simultaneous loving, sexual relationships. And instead winning A Best New Artist Grammy, it’s getting coverage in such mainstream media as CNN.polyamorists next door

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff is an expert on polyamory and in her new book, The Polyamorists Next Door, she examines the behaviors of real polyamorists and finds out how this family dynamic affects everything from sexual relationships, to child-rearing and PTA meetings. Using the stories of folks she has interviewed, she dispels some myths, lets us in on some secrets of making non-monogamy work, and explains some awesome poly-related vocabulary like triad, compersion, hinge, and free agent.

You can check out her new book, The Polyamorists Next Door: Inside Multiple-Partner Relationships and Families. And you can buy it here and use code 4M14SHEFF to save 20% before the end of the year.

Listen to it here or on iTunes, Podbay, or Feedburner, where you can subscribe and get all the episodes even sooner!

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