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Lesbian Fights, Brock Turner is Free, & Eggplant Emoji Vibes

honeygasm 10.jpgLet’s not pretend Nate Parker has redeemed himself. Why do we doubt and police those seeking permanent contraception? What do lesbians fight about? Pioneering program to help Yazidi women traumatized by sexual slavery. The mysterious eggplant emoji vibrator developed by an anonymous Philly entrepreneur. Rapist Brock Turner is already out of jail. The psychology of finding your soulmate. Anti-choicers target telemedicine. Ohio abortion restrictions actually made women less safe. How “manliness” could be hurting the planet.

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Catholic hospital turns away woman seeking help with dislodged IUD. Advice column comes out on how to approach women wearing headphones, internet reacts. PA man accused of having sex with miniature horse. Teen reportedly dies from hickey. Kim Davis’s home town just had its first pride celebration. Topless at Afropunk to raise awareness of breast cancer. How to give a real apology. I have a lot of issues with this open letter on pornography. Sunny Leone is challenging Bollywood’s views on porn. Ebola lingers in semen for over a year.

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