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Why are Bikes Gendered?,Robot Vaginas, & Lesbian Farmers

Olympics weightlifters upending ideas of strength, femininity and beauty. How martial arts delusions hurt women. People have been regulating what women wear for a long time. The insidious symbolism of boy and girl bikes. Why oral sex is great for an intimate relationship. Disordered eating practices that are considered “normal.” Is VR the future of feminist porn? The quest to build the first robotic vagina. There’s one problem with the groundbreaking CA sex ed law: no way to enforce it. How chronic loneliness affects the brain. Trans man denied hysterectomy on religious grounds. Phyllis Schlafly, ardent anti-feminist, dies.

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Pam Anderson calls porn a health concern and says it’s for losers. Defaced Bettie Page mural will be back, with addition. Rush Limbaugh says lesbian farmers are gonna take over rural areas. When women are sexually assaulted on long-haul flights, airlines have no idea what to do. Rape survivors blast Brock Turner, judges, etc. finally there’s a feminist magazine for girls who love adventure and science! Bogus Gabourey Sidibe weight loss story.

Hat tip to John, Anne, Nikki!

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