Sex Links

Dating Bisexuals, Female Candidates, & Body Hair

Military sexual assault survivors who report are more likely to face retribution than justice. Grad student gunned down after telling man to stop grinding on her at festival. Survey finds half of people wouldn’t date a bisexual. Way too many women don’t know where their vaginas are. How child-free people decide not to have kids. Fear of a female candidate. Undateable man writes “why I’ll never date a feminist” but here are better ones.

congrats on the sex.jpgCheck out 6Sex6, the metal and rock burlesque dance party every month at Raven Lounge. I’ll be speaking at the next Pleasurecation party. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Support the fundraiser to End the Backlog of untested rape kits. The 2016 March to End Rape Culture is September 24th.

Pimps and sex workers of 1970s Times Square. The makeup brand helping trans women find their own beauty. Norwegian editor refuses to comply with Facebook regulations on images. Ways your body changes if you stop having sex. Ohio teen raped by youth pastor made to apologize to pastor’s wife. Love your body hair. The effect of stress and trauma on women’s sexuality.

Hat tip to Lehla, Anne!

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congrats on the sex.jpg

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