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Dapper Crip, Christian Haunted House, & Questions About Love

Dapper Crip: queer and crippled fashion. Sex with a disability. Dildo thrown on field during Patriots-Bills game. Taiwan on the verge of being the first Asian country with same-sex marriage. US Embassy outs LGBT people in Ivory Coast, they are beaten and forced to flee. Christian haunted house depicts Pulse nightclub shooting. Why queer retellings of classic stories are so necessary.

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Kinkly’s top sex blogs of 2016. Pelvic exams are being performed without consent on unconscious patients. Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the myth of royal purity. How the dance world was and is affected by HIV. Pope says women will probably never be priests. The women who ran before Hillary. Milo Ventimiglia’s body is the biggest anachronism in This Is Us. Common questions about love.

Hat tip to Cassy, Heather, Kwabena!

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