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Book Bans, Bad Sex Awards, & Lesbian Bars

Illinois parents call for “smutty” book ban. The Bad Sex Awards are posher and meaner than you might imagine. Bertolucci admits he and Brando conspired and raped costar while filming Last Tango in Paris. “My brother’s pregnancy.” Signs of emotional intelligence. 7 adults reveal what they learned while having sex in high school. San Francisco’s best all-female orgy. White House announces support for military draft of women. Who crushed the lesbian bar? For every woman who has had to fight.

DTF- dec 2016.jpgJust for this month, DTF is on a Saturday, Dec 10! But we’re also doing a DTF on 10/17 in Baltimore! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Trump SCOTUS pick would recriminalize homosexual activity. Autism and feminism. Who is teaching the next generation of pornographers? James Deen receives porn award nominations, despite rape accusations. “Women in video games saved my life.” Vulva Gallery shows diversity of bodies. Meet the women dominating snowboarding films. The people who invented the idea of political correctness.

Hat tip to Cassy, Anastasia, Erica, Griff!

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