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Plush Uterus, Virtual BJs, & Face Sitting

Why Rogue One’s Jyn Erso is a good role model for young women. Gender non-confirming lingerie for all bodies. Buy yourself a plush uterus and ovaries. 195 Lewis is a new series about being Black, queer, poly. Finding feminist submission. Teaching women how to orgasm during intercourse. Make your nudes Instagram friendly. How secure is the virtual blowjob market? What butch looks like. Sex robots may literally fuck us to death.

6sex6 12.27.jpg6Sex6 Metal Rock Burlesque Gogo is 12/27. Agitated!: Philly’s all politics live performance show is 12/29. Honeygasm 01/01 is host Flirt Vonnegut’s Flirthieth Birthday Show. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Sex shop employees fight off robber with dildos. NYPD arrests women for who they are and where they go. Most college students use contraceptives inconsistently.  Buddhist rules for marriage and sexuality. “Fuck sex.” How risky are face-sitting and fisting? Cardinal says gay couples shouldn’t be invited to family gatherings if kids present, seems to forget he works for the world’s largest pedophile ring.

Hat tip to Janna, Kwabena, Dain, Adam!

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