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Paying for Sex, Philly Serial Killer, & the Swinging General

Photo project of men who pay for sex. Evidence of the superiority of female doctors. Black Chemistry instructor gets grant to study rape investigation methods. Breastfeeding and drinking. The phenomenon of straight rural dudes banging. SC is tough on porn, unless you pay them. Vintage slut shaming in government anti-STI propaganda.  Passengers is the creepiest love story of the year, all the producers are male. Dealing with loss during the holidays. 368 gymnasts allege sexual abuse, describe a system of moving around offenders. 7 ordinary Philadelphians quietly making the world better. Suspected serial killer who targeted sex workers in Philly is arrested, charged.

december 2016.jpg6Sex6 Metal Rock Burlesque Gogo is 12/27. Agitated!: Philly’s all politics live performance show is 12/29. Honeygasm 01/01 is host Flirt Vonnegut’s Flirthieth Birthday Show. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Army demoted general for swinging lifestyle. “For only $20 you can fuck Satan”: a review of miconazole. Which menstrual cup is right for you? Pantsuit Nation is a sham. Questions to ask before getting married. The double speak named First Amendment Defense Act would be devastating for LGBT Americans. White football player sodomizes Black, disabled teammate, sees no jail time. How men feel about their penises. The “pro-life” stance does nothing to reduce abortions. How to tell friendliness from flirting. The midwives at Standing Rock aren’t going anywhere. Are cat people more likely to be into BDSM?

Hat tip to Alex, Nikki, Janna, Erica!

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