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Modern Disney Princesses & Marrying Your Sex Robot

Feminist activists in Dominican Republican fight back against total abortion ban. How Trump’s tax plan will affect single working mothers. A holiday movie with gay dads and gender bending kid. How women modernized Disney princesses. Your bra probably doesn’t fit and needs to be washed more often. Planned Parenthood conducts focus groups to examine why people voted for Trump, find they weren’t paying attention. Will you be able to marry your sex robot?

positive vibes.jpg6Sex6 Metal Rock Burlesque Gogo is 12/27. Agitated!: Philly’s all politics live performance show is 12/29. Honeygasm 01/01 is host Flirt Vonnegut’s Flirthieth Birthday Show. The next DTF is 01/13 and features Alli Soowal and Kate Nyx! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Sex evolved to help fight infection in later generations. Massive rupee recall affects trafficking. Making sex in video games more believable. Bonus benefit to getting it on: better verbal memory. Positions for when you’re trying not to make noise. The sexual effects of Crohn’s disease. Porn, masturbation, marriage and ethics. The next administration doesn’t want you to have carefree sex. CA state bar considers ban on lawyer-client romance. Things everyone should know about sex.

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