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Skin Hunger, Condoms and the Life in the Dorms

Happy Throwback Thursday, y’all. For #TBT we’re checking out a podcast that originally went up in November of 2012.

There are a few jobs where people work the sexual front lines and can really make a difference in the sexual behavior of others. Gynecologists, HIV testers, and relationship counselors may come to mind. But an oft-unheralded position is the Resident Assistant, even though they face the intrepid battle of helping scores of college freshmen navigate the murky waters of adulthood. RAs, as they are commonly known, dole out sexual health advice, provide safer sex materials and direct students to appropriate services and resources for a host of issues. While young people experience what is likely their first time living away from their parents, an RA can be an intermediate level guide who withholds judgment but doles out help.

Which is why it’s so awesome that Widener University includes a sexuality education component in their RA training. And in an extra awesome turn, they let me record my training session with their incoming RAs at the beginning of this fall semester.

So this is the first segment of our conversation, where it’s mostly me talking. I talk about the Circles of Sexuality theory, we discuss situations that RAs might encounter and the class give their opinions on sexuality and young people.

Listen to Part 1 of my conversation with Widener’s RA’s here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the podcasts even sooner.

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