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Scrotum Botox, Sex Party Etiquette, & Outing an Ex

Sex party etiquette. Would you get botox in your scrotum? The gender nonconformity of my fatness. Stop the enslavement of Kenyan girls. What causes emotional and mental attraction? Chinese transman wins landmark dismissal case. The case for teaching kids the right vocab for genitals. Morning sickness drug called into question for efficacy.

PhotoFunia-1482177206.jpgHoneygasm 01/08 is host Flirt Vonnegut’s Flirthieth Flirthday Show. The next DTF is 01/13 and features Alli Soowal and Kate Nyx! Intro to Burlesque with HoneyTree EvilEye is at Kink Shoppe Jan 15th! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

How a friendship became more profound over a kidney transplant. Doing PR in the adult industry. 7 in 10 Americans want to keep Roe v Wade intact. Arkansas judge resigns- was trading sexual favors with defendants. “Can I out my ex to his girlfriend?”

Hat tip to Alex, Lydia, Justine!

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