Sex in the news / Sex Links

Comments poly people are tired of hearing. Pat Toomey staffer ends phone call with constituent for using the term “menstruation.” Remembering LA’s revolutionary Black gay nightclub. What it feels like to lack attraction to other people. Alabama OB-Gyn treats miscarriage, is now being charged with wrongful death. Dad fired for attending son’s birth gets outpouring of support. On why it’s ok to pay for sex. The genderless nipple throwing off Instagram’s sexist algorithm.

6sex6 01.31.pngAgitated: all politics live performance show is January 25th at Franky Bradleys. The next 6Sex6 metal and rock burlesque show is 01/31 at Raven Lounge. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

The Black feminist library. The troubling power of nagging. Abortion’s deadly past could become its future again. Texas and Virginia join other states in competition to be most anti-trans. US interpreter and Iraqi solider fall in love. What is “the white male effect?” Advice from an economist on dating. Birth control is the mother of all malpractice.


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