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Tough Cookies: Sexuality and Feminism with a Lesbian Slant

Hey all, it’s #TBT and time for a vintage podcast that originally went up in May of 2012. Since this episode, Melissa Fabello has built an empire online for body positivity and feminism. Check out her more recent work.

Melissa Fabello was growing tired of the lesbian blog scene. From her vantage, a space that should have been safe for women to share ideas was increasingly hostile to diversity of beliefs and behaviors by those who self-identified as lesbian. So she did what any good educator/genius would do: she re-invented the genre.

Along with another writer, she founded Tough Cookies, a site for anyone who is interested in feminism or lesbian issues, regardless of their gender or the gender of the people they bang. Using revolutionary crowd-sourcing techniques, the site grew from being a passion of its founders to a popular site (with Facebook and Tumblr components) with regular contributors, photo contests and an active, participatory community.

So I sat down with the lovely Ms. Fabello to hear about her journey, as well as everything from the re-invigoration of feminism among young people to what’s wrong with Suicide Girls.

Listen to the podcast here or on iTunes, where you can subscribe and get all the goods extra early.

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2 thoughts on “Tough Cookies: Sexuality and Feminism with a Lesbian Slant

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