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Ancient Dildos, RIP Armory, & the Global Gag Rule

Vogue model comes out as intersex. Ignore Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina advice. Scientists breed life with lab-made DNA. On pussy hats at the Womens March. Body positive art focusing on pleasure. Porn stars lament the end of the San Francisco Armory.  Can consent be sexy? Ancient Chinese dildos and butt plugs. Art project on touch goes viral. Why Trump’s Global Gag Rule order is a really bad deal. RIP, Mary Tyler Moore, who helped give presence to the modern image of woman. Girls internalize sexism by age 6. Young people and views on gender.

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Philly has a high rate of people who have never been married. Nebraska legislator resigns over misogynistic comments. Federal ban on money towards abortion? Trans rights under attack in 11 states. Federal judge tosses Texas fetal burial law.  Do you have pre-sex beauty rituals? Why it’s not a good idea to get frisky in a hot tub. There women sentenced in attack on man they picked up at a bar. Rez’s Trance Vibrator was a literal gamechanger. What does a healthy vagina look like? The science of gender.

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