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Dave Lampert: Inventor of the Sybian

It’s #TBT and time for a vintage podcast. This originally went up in December of 2013.

26 years ago, the first Sybian machines were shipped to customers. Looking back, the folks who placed these orders were like astronauts, venturing to uncharted territory in space…with dildos.sybian-set

In a world filled with endless options for sex toys, the Sybian remains untouched at the top of the industry for sheer power, diversity of use and its promise of helping women find their pleasure potential, even long after it’s off. And I’m familiar with this not only as a sex educator, but as a lucky girl who has her own, thanks to David Lampert, inventor of the machine.

I chatted with David about the origins of the Sybian (including the testing he did in swingers clubs) and how he intends for his device, along with his free Reboot Your Sex Life program, to be a game changer for women’s sex lives.

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