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Marine Scandal, Women with Tats, & Power of Unattractiveness

5 times I wish I’d outed myself as a bisexual. Man swaps names with female coworker for two weeks and learns a ton about how people react to women. GOP congressman doesn’t understand why men should have to pay for prenatal care during insurance debate. Marine Corp nude photo scandal has widening implications. Why has the Meet never hired a female director? Men think women with tattoos are interested in casual sex. The laws sex workers really want.

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IMDB adds F for Female rating to movies with women represented. The power of unattractiveness. Legislator proposes regulating men’s masturbation as parody of laws about women’s reproductive health. No naturists have the right idea about raising kids around normalized nudity? How the history of the Olympics shows the slowness of social progress. Top athletes talk about body love.

Hat tip to Griff!

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