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Erotic Lactation, Unspeakable Fantasies, & Drugged Drinks at the Dolphin

What’s up with erotic lactation fetish? Fighting revenge porn. 27 hilarious tweets about menstrual cups. 80% of Americans think women should be able to have sex for pleasure, not just procreation. A breakdown of the gay moment in Beauty in the Beast. Sexual harassment claims against CEO of Thinx. “Unspeakable” fantasies real people have. Live gang rape posted on Facebook, but no one reported it. The Texas bill requiring doctors to lie to patients.

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Someone is drugging the drinks at South Philly’s Dolphin. Rick Perry slams Texas A & M for electing gay student president after straight opponent was disqualified.  Does bariatric surgery affect your birth control options? A guy’s guide to taking control of your sexual health.

Hat tip to Micah!

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