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Ring Theory, Legally Genderless, & Bestiality is Finally Illegal in Ohio

The science behind our romantic choices. Ring Theory and how to comfort someone. First person in Oregon who is legally without gender. Why are secretive hookups so exciting? What are people actually using Tinder to do? 5 unhealthy relationship patterns. 10 small changes to improve your sex life. Bestiality is finally illegal in Ohio. What makes polyamory challenging and rewarding.

dtf april 2017.pngBe a part of the next SEXx on May 17th- we’re looking for TEDx style talks and live performances.  Agitated, the all politics show is celebrating its anniversary March 29th. Honeygasm, the wildest and weirdest in burlesque is April 2nd. The next DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour is April 14th. Take a 2 day intensive Sexual Being workshop with me and yogi Brittany Policastro.  Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

The NBA is making sex more accessible. Online survey finds most Americans don’t use condoms. How Mass Effect: Andromeda handles romance. WWE nude hacking scandal grows. How often should you be getting it on? Tove Lo says women are told be sexy, but not want sex. Kids suspended for selling water snakes because it looks like a jackoff toy. “Feminine” things men would do if they could.

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