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Girlfriendzone, Glitter Butt, & Unicornland

Meet the plus sized Japanese Instagram star leading a body image revolution.  Pakistani women organize bike rally in protest of sexism. Cosmo tweets “how do you lose 44 pounds without exercising?” on story about woman with cancer. The endemic problem of sexual abuse in competitive swimming. Is Glitter Butt a dangerous trend? Women barred from Tehran marathon hold their own. Women in the 1920s who fought for right to travel under their own names. Getting it on in virtual spaces. Dudes, stop putting girls in the “girlfriendzone”

april.jpgBe a part of the next SEXx: Sex as Resistance on May 17th- we’re looking for TEDx style talks and live performances. Check out Naked Truth Quizzo: burlesque and trivia every Tuesday at Toasted Walnut. The next Agitated!- Philly’s all politics drag and burlesque show- is April 26th! Honeygasm, the wildest and weirdest in burlesque is May 7th. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Is this the paid leave act that could actually pass? Meet the puppy-hating, Lincoln-bashing grumps trying to reverse marriage equality in North Carolina. On the importance of underwear selfies. New bill would require domestic abusers to wear GPS. Women getting back to running after attacks. Michigan doctor accused of female genital mutilation. More Americans think orientation is biologically based. Unicornland: a TV series mostly run by women, about polyamory.

Hat tip to Cherise, Kwabena!

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