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Condom Stealthing is Abuse, Male Videogame Butts & Mazzoni CEO Steps Down

13 rules of dating a transwoman. “Not being into black girls” isn’t a preference, it’s racist. The science of being trans. Inside the community of men who abuse partners through condom “stealthing.” Bill O’Reilly – and his audience- loved tearing down women on TV. Indiana university bans student athletes with sexual violence convictions.

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What Egyptology can teach us about modern gender theory.  In women’s prison, pads and tampons are currency. Why don’t male video game characters have asses? The importance of talking to young girls about pleasure. Activist goes on HIV meds-strike until Mazzoni CEO steps downMazzoni CEO ousted after employee walkout, statement of no confidence.

Hat tip to Micah, Diane!

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