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From Gems to Gams: Chiva of Diverxity

Looking around the Diverxity site, I am reminded of a variety of other platforms: Model Mayhem, Facebook, Patreon to name a few. And that’s the idea.

chiva 3.pngChiva, a Peruvian gemologist turned professional naked person, co-founded Diverxity to fill in the gaps she saw in all those other sites. Unlike most prudish social media, you can post nudes. Artists, models and fans can interact more easily, and send each other money.  Without any advertising, the community has grown to tens of thousands, entirely by word of mouth.

We chat about the ides behind Diverxity, Chiva‘s personal journey from studying diamonds to sexy modeling, and what she has in store for us next.

One thought on “From Gems to Gams: Chiva of Diverxity

  1. I don’t think I can click &#21i0;l2ke⁚ without feeling creepy, but as a fellow over-sharing blogger, I do feel the need to comment and say that this is hilarious (and also, that I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it).

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