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Biological Basis of Bottoming, Saving Marriages, & Irish Vulva Carvings

From the No Shit Files: guys tell homophobic and sexist jokes out of insecurity, study finds.  What does it mean if your long-term relationship partner masturbates? “Seductive” dress gets girl banned from chess tournament. The nonsensical GOP war on maternity care. Is there a biological basis to whether you’re a top or bottom? Trump’s latest health pick thinks IUDs kill babies (hint: they don’t). Things divorced folks say would’ve saved their marriages.

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These feelings will be over soon. Colleges are doing a shitty job of teaching consent. Study finds gender bias in software field. Badass reporter gets dude charged for FHRITP. Is cultural obsession with women’s looks a psychological illness? Mapping Ireland’s mysterious carvings of women exposing their genitals. Court rules employers can pay women less, based on previous salaries.

Hat tip to Rachel, Nikki, Shannon!

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