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Assault as Pre-Existing Condition, Genital Preferences, & Celebrity PDA

Why Lionel is the best part of Dear White People. With TrumpCare, sexual assault will be treated as a pre-existing condition. Defunding Planned Parenthood is just one assault on women’s health care in the new bill. Women lawmakers are better for women’s health. Alaska state rep thinks women get abortions for exciting travel opportunities. Somebody made a movie trailer to sell a mansion and it’s softcore porn. Hot Girls Wanted makers fire back at allegations they outed sex workers. Chechen authorities summon parents to prison camps to kill gay sons. Gay man suing Mississippi funeral home for refusing to bury his husband. Exploring Black women’s sexuality in the oldest BDSM dungeon in NY.

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Meet the new first lady of France, 24 years her husband’s senior. Does having genital preferences for dating mean you’re anti-trans? Woman swallows $7000 vacation fund to spite cheating husband. A brief history of medical textbooks erasing the clit. Should you turn down your dream job for your fiancé? Music festivals finally take a stance against assault. Why would a woman want to talk to the man who abused her? Cutest celebrity couple PDA moments.

Hat tip to Forshmak!

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