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Hemingway’s High School Crush, Joke Laws, & Black Women Sex Educators

12 things women learned from making the first move. If people talked about other things they way they talk about gender identity. Discovered: Hemingway’s high school crush. Masturbating while Muslim.  Men don’t realize how hot their forearms are. Must do things this summer. What men could learn from One Direction. 10 Black women teaching us about sex. Body positivity is for men too. Androgynous model poses as multiple genders. Science looks at why men get sad after sex. Women’s bodily autonomy will always be in opposition to patriarchy.

masturbation month.jpgDTF’s 4 year anniversary is TONIGHT May 12! SEXx: Sex as Resistance is May 17th! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Twitter hashtag reveals how damaging ideas of masculinity can be. Brad Pitt opens up about being a shitty dad. Men reach peak loneliness at age 35. Joke laws that make a point. 1100 men have showed up at his house for sex, now he’s suing Grindr. Meatloaf confirms: “I won’t do that” was a strap on. 5 poets on the new feminism. How “body positivity” lost its real meaning. Porn model attacked by shark during underwater shoot. Most adventurous women of past 25 years. Women are dying because doctors treat them like men.


Hat tip to Micah, Alex, Darryl, Griff!

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