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Brujas, Pride, & Background Dildos

Is an open marriage a happier one? I’m quoted in this article: Best positions for sex with big dicks. 1 in 5 Australians surveyed have been the victims of revenge porn. The American Gods character who kills men by sucking them into her vagina during orgasm. Why aren’t there any LGBT characters in the Marvel cinematic universe? Brujas and the history of Latinx feminist resistance. Philly city council moves forward on initiative that would allow the temporary closing of a business for discrimination. The GOP lawmaker outed as founder of a Red Pill men’s rights forum. Things allies need to know before coming to Pride. How wrong “boys will be boys” is.  

18216224_10155930792723943_298496762_o.pngSEXx: Sex as Resistance is May 17th! #PandaBitch dance party is May 19th. 6Sex6: the grimy and glam rock gogo show is May 30. Agitated!: Philly’s all politics drag and burlesque show is May 31. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Super kinky game of Would You Rather. Does alcohol make people more bisexual? Shacking up grows more popular among seniors. A sob-worthy backstory makes a wedding photo go viral. Mets accidentally tweet photo with dildo in background. Oilers remove women’s bathrooms to make men’s experience better. Classic Eros magazine is now all online. “I wasn’t meant to be a mom but my husband was.” Girls face ridicule for starting team in boys’ football league, then take championship. Independent mothers of Iceland.

Hat tip to Rachel, Max, Alex, Micah!

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