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Condom Mistakes, Peeing After Sex, & MILFs

Once you have done pornography. Trump expansion of global gag rule will restrict billions in aid. Articles in which I’m quoted: Common condom mistakes. How to tell a lover you also have sex for money. Fuck like a fat girl: radical self love. People who start watching porn while married are twice as likely to break up. Parents let their kids know how their penises and vaginas work. Turkey’s first all-female news agency fights oppression. Canadian government apologizes to those who have faced anti-LGBT discrimination. Harry Styles opens up about his sexuality.

18553945_10105211771420173_1936742601_o.jpg#PandaBitch dance party is TONIGHT May 19th. 6Sex6: the grimy and glam rock gogo show is May 30. Agitated!: Philly’s all politics drag and burlesque show is May 31. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member

Is Master of None’s Dev a Nice Guy TM? Painfully obvious instances of mansplaining on twitter. Powerful images about race and power among women. I was on the ManWhore podcast, talking about my journey, my work in sex education and Angelia Jolie. The world of people who jerk off using the XBox360. Does peeing after sex help prevent UTIs? Swedish town decides not to give workers paid sex breaks. Sexuality, desire and aging among women. Doctors aren’t asking about gender identity or sexuality, but they should.

Hat tip to Micah, Tiffamy!

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