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Talking Condoms with Randos, Sex in an Airbnb, & Melania’s Hand-Swatting

14 year old faces charges as sex offender for sleeping with 12 year old girlfriend. Duck sex and the patriarchy. This article sucks, but still: evolution of pop music explains hookup culture. Talking about condoms with a Tinder rando. Does testosterone make men dumber? One reason people are afraid to try new things in bed. Please have sex in my Airbnb. The Charlie Sheen Effect on HIV testing. Gay, disabled and sex AF! Beirut holds first gay pride event.

6sex6 05.31.png6Sex6: the grimy and glam rock gogo show is May 30. Agitated!: Philly’s all politics drag and burlesque show is May 31. Honeygasm is back June 4th with another incredible lineup! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member

The newest porn economy is Nigeria. How to make sure your sex toys are safe. How representation works, or doesn’t. A body language expert weighs in: why did Melania swat away 45’s hand? Gender affirming surgeries increase as societal acceptance improves. Healthy baby mice born from freeze-dried sperm. America isn’t doing anything to help fleeing gay Chechnyan refugees.

Hat tip to Cassy, Darryl!

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