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Syphilis Rates, Ivanka’s Feminism of Complicity, & Contraceptive Recall

Ex-MMA fighter War Machine sentenced to life for kidnapping, beating and rape. Uber fires 20 employees among sexual harassment scandal. Nebraska State Soccer looking into how girl was disqualified for looking like a boy. Syphilis hits highest rate since 1949. Why is intercourse sometimes painful? Satire: Indiana becomes 4th state to ban great sex. Ivanka’s awful feminism of complicity. United Methodist church names first non-binary trans deacon.

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Infants born in water births at risk for Legionnaire’s Disease. #WonderWoman is the most tweeted about movie of the year. Elitist dating app makes its way to Philly. Chinese man needs surgery to rescue his penis from a wrench. Jury finds in favor of woman who was raped repeatedly while shackled in police custody. Packaging mishap leads to birth control pill recall.

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