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Consensual Non-Monogamy, Femme Icons, & Birth Control Affects Evolution

Most doctors take just 8 hours of sex ed.  Americans’ interest in consensual non-monogamy is on the rise. When women assault men. The importance of visible femme icons. Is sapiosexuality a thing? Ocean City, MD is not going topless. Porn in a place where facesitting is illegal. 15 best trans women movies, according to trans women. The science of why a dick hangs left or right. How does hormonal birth control affect evolution? The fertility doctor who impregnated patients with his own sperm.

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Marking one year after the #Pulse massacre. An Uber exec shared the medical records of a rider who accused the company of rape. Women are having their first orgasms earlier. Raising feminist boys. Lesbian summer resorts you could visit if you had a time machine. How many Americans are LGBT? Best NSFW gay tumblrs. Riots to raucous parties: history of pride celebrations. Cosby rape trial: defense rests, he doesn’t testify.

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