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New Ken dolls, Philly Gayborhood & Gross Couple Things

Better communication even in the hard times. Why men say they sexually harass women. The evolution of Ken dolls. 12 year old comes out to her Mormon congregation. New game where you can date hot dads. Gross things a lot of couples do but don’t talk about. Ambivalent marriage takes a toll on health. “it takes balls” to be intersex.

niall been shot6sex6 metal and rock burlesque show is June 27. Agitated! All politics burlesque and drag is June 28th. The next DTF is July 14th. Join HoneyTree EvilEye for Intro to Burlesque at Kink Shoppe on July 16th. Sex with Timaree is doing a LIVE episode July 21st! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Children’s books to help understand polyamory. Sex education in America is facing a roll back. Unlearning helplessness in dating, learning resilience. Ukranian railways are making it easier to fuck on their trains. Your pleasure-ready body in the future. What do people miss about the Philly gayborhood?

Hat tip to Kevin, Mukta, Rasa, Kwabena!

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