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Boners, Birth Certificates, & Fragile ESPN Fans

Senate’s new health care bill makes it more expensive to be a woman. Is this the end of gender-inclusive curricula? How much exercise is too much…for boners? NY Attorney General sues anti-choice protesters. “Too Fat, Too Slutty” challenges the expectations of women. Why we should delete sex from birth certificates. Is it true that gay men have bigger penises? Masculinity camp for young boys. Fragile ESPN fans can’t handle implied male nudity on cover.

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Woman wins landmark sex discrimination case against Israeli airline. Queer and trans lives in the prison system. Facts you should know about revenge porn. Why teen girls are everything our culture loves to hate. Germany poised to legalize same-sex marriage.  How some folks separate emotion and sex more easily. Best porn sites for queer women.

Hat tip to Anne, Carl!

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