Dating and Disability, Asexuality, & Vasalgel Clinical Trials

TX Supreme Court refuses to extend spousal benefits to same-sex couples. Things that are wrong with the idea women are their own worst enemy. Celeste Barber takes on double standards of censorship and beauty. 10 things to know before dating someone with a disability. Transgender speaker in small town middle America. Men and the meaning of “harmless.” The orgasm gap in porn. History of Playgirl magazine. Asexuality is a distinct and valid orientation.

DTF- july 2017.png
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Women-led startups that are changing how we think about sex.  Women preaching acceptance but afraid to acknowledge attraction to men. Reversible male contraceptive Vasalgel raises $85k for clinical trials. “I don’t accommodate uncontrolled men.” A photo project that focuses on the clients of sex workers. What men really need. The power of femme identity.

Hat tip to Rachel, Griff!

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