Dr Who, Game of Thrones, & Tyler the Creator

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP continues to be terrible, don’t put crystals in your vagina. The next Dr Who is a woman. How to deal with rejection. Why does R Kelly still have a career after so many allegations? Mormon professor fired after pro-LGBT rights post. The Al Capone theory of sexual harassment. Designing your life the right way to meet potential dates. Game of Thrones characters who had their sexuality changed.

6sex6 07.25 (2).pngSex with Timaree is doing a LIVE episode (complete with BDSM demo) July 21st ! 6sex6: metal and rock gogo show is Tuesday July 25th! Agitated! All-politics drag and burlesque is Wednesday July 26! Honeygasm: the wildest, weirdest burlesque show is Sunday Aug 6th. Invest in your sexual wellness with a 2 day Sexual Being workshop this September! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

What fathers can teach kids by how they treat mom. UK advertisers have to crack down on gender stereotypes. Saudi woman who wore skirt in viral video arrested. Talking to girls about sexuality. Tyler the Creator, rap and homophobia. New Museum of Sex’s exhibit on the female gaze. 31% gender pay gap in UK bank. Gender and safety on public transit.

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