Staying Married, Truvada, & Road Head

Portraits of burlesque babes from the 1960s. New rules of dating in the digital age. Investigators find HIV prevention methods Truvada and vaginal ring effective and safe on adolescents. To stay married, embrace change. European court rules sex is just as important to older women. Medical association speaks out against Trump’s trans ban. How Trump has adversely affected LGBT people since taking office. Why do people go grey at their temples first? Sexuality laws still cater to the most easily disgusted. Causes and solutions of painful sex.

honeygasm AUG 6.pngHoneygasm: the wildest, weirdest burlesque show is Sunday Aug 6th. Invest in your sexual wellness with a 2 day Sexual Being workshop this September! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

The pros and cons of road head. Giantess fetish. Why women’s restroom lines are longer than mens. What’s new in the world of robot sex? Adrienne Maree Brown on race, sexuality and nipples. How lesbian porn helped a man recover his gayness. Can you guess someone’s orientation by looking at them? Splatoon 2 porn is absolutely a thing. Using a makeup sponge for mess-free period sex for those grossed out by womens bodies?

Hat tip to Shannon, Barrett!

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