Threesome Mattresses, Baton Twirling, & Bespoke P0rn

The best mattress for a threesome.  If Americans love moms, why do they let them die? The dizzying world of male baton twirling. The sad reason single women downplay their career ambitions. Husbands can only be influential if they accept influence. The Handmaid’s Tale is a warning to conservative women. 52% of men don’t think they’ve benefitted from birth control access. I’m quoted in this article about vagina and penis size.


Honeygasm: the wildest, weirdest burlesque show is Sunday Aug 6th. Nudey Tunes: American Idyll is an original burlesque narrative set in a post-Trump America-Aug 18. Invest in your sexual wellness with a 2 day Sexual Being workshop this September! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

The rise of bespoke porn. WTF is the Jiftip? Teen girl suicide rate reaches 40 year high. Where do we draw the line on gene editing? Peppermint talks drag, gender and sexuality. Nebraska study ties boys’ first exposure to porn to perceptions of women. 10 new projects studying sexuality’s effect on health. Adults with disabilities exploring sexuality through art.

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