Fantasies, Exquisite Bodies, & Transactional Marriage

Roxanne Gay on fantasies. Where all bodies are exquisite. Should you ask women when they’re planning to have babies? On women and agreeing with compliments. Louis CK is hella problematic. Photo series captures the elusive nature of polyamory. Abstinence-only education is ineffective and also unethical. America, home of the transactional marriage. How shy people can get dates without going online.

august.jpgApply now to be a part of season 6 of Burlesque Battle Royale6Sex6 Metal and Rock Burlesque Gogo is Tuesday Aug 29. Agitated! All politics drag and burlesque is Aug 30. Invest in your sexual wellness with a 2 day Sexual Being workshop this September! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Digital hormones and emotional relationships with robots. Surviving as working class after Backpage. An at-home fertility test that involves jacking off onto your phone. Where have all the Pickup Artists gone? What James Cameron got right and super wrong about Wonder Woman. 90s lesbian book covers. Does everyone have a “gay gene?”

Hat tip to Joe!

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