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A List of Common Misconceptions

What was the first thing you remember being told about sex that was just…. wrong?

More than almost any subject, we get factually incorrect information about human sexuality. Maybe an adult mislead you, perhaps a peer misunderstood how things really work, it could have even been in a classroom.

fringe flyer 2.jpgPart of the issue is that we’re still just learning about a lot of things. Another facet is that we are socialized to either act like we are already experts or to actively avoid honest conversation, lest we be scandalized. And there are many people who stand to profit by keeping us in the dark about our own bodies.

So this fall I set out with a team of rad artists to create my first ever Fringe show that zeroes in on a small handful of things we’ve been wrongly led to believe about sexuality. Thanks to SEXx Interactive and Polyglamorous Productions, we’re putting on A List of Common Misconceptions September 13, 15 and 17th at Adobe Cafe in South Philly.

We’re tackling ways in which religion, capitalism, porn and even science have given us bad information through a mix of burlesque, drag, live music and muppets.

Showtimes will be 8 pm each night with a bonus 3 pm matinee on the 17th! You can buy tickets at the door.  Hope to see you there.


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