Stock Photos, Legal Toplessness, & the Piano Playing Creep

The secret world of renaissance fairs. Leaked DOJ memo suggests bringing back victim’s sexual history as evidence in campus assault investigations. Finland continues to sterilize trans people. How therapists are failing LGBT millennials.  The evolution of women in stock photos. Sophia Vergara’s douchebag ex might finally have to drop lawsuit over custody of fertilized eggs. Women might soon be able to legally go topless, just like men can.

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Creepy dude won’t stop playing piano until woman he dated for 4 months takes him back. Favorite lesbian and bisexual shows of the summer. Having relationship problems? Get more sleep. Congress is adding more funding for useless abstinence-only programs. On gender, helmets and passing cyclists. We must change the narrative around women’s sports. The facts about rape in prison.

Hat tip to Kwabena, Tiffany and Micah!

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