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I’ve never gotten off. What if I’m broken? Tales of (and solutions to!) Pre-orgasmia

It’s #TBT kittens and time for a vintage podcast. This one originally went up October of 2012!

“I used to be able to get off with no problem. Not anymore. Now I don’t even have much interest in sex and if I do have sex, I end up faking it.”

“I’ve never had an orgasm. I’ve tried. Or at least I think I have. I don’t know. Would it be possible to have an orgasm and not know?”

Anorgasmia and Pre-orgasmia are both states of being unable to orgasm. Maybe you never have had one, or maybe you used to be able to but now it’s not happening even when it seems like it really should. Lots of different things can account for these situations. And often, the outlook is quite optimistic! Both physical and mental obstacles to orgasm can often be surmounted. But, after long periods of frustration (or a lifetime!) many folks simply accept a life without getting off and don’t seek help.

I received a reader question from an adult woman who had never reached the zany peaks of Mount Oh-Oh-OH, despite having sex with a partner and, in her own words, “having a vibrator.” We look at possible causes and what to do going forward.

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