RIP Edith Windsor, How Marriage Changes People, & Uterus Transplants

The anti-circumcision movement has taken a queer turn. Ted Cruz’s social media team likes porn, doesn’t understand Twitter. RIP, Edith Windsor whose legal case led to legal same-sex marriage in America. How marriage changes people forever. Amber Tamblyn calls out James Woods for hypocrisy, creepiness. Zoning board revokes permit of sex positive club in Philly. Trans reality star to get uterus transplant.

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Scientists find female ejaculation comes in two forms. Nurses suspended after opening body bag to view dead man’s genitals. There were a lot of vulvas as NY Fashion Week. Missouri mom donates 1,000 ounces of breast milk to folks affected by Hurricane Harvey. Spellman college will accept students who identify as women. Chechnya’s persecuted gays find refuge in Canada.

Hat tip to Jonathan, Darryl, Griff, Nick, Micah!

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