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Openly Gay Athletes

Time for #TBT and a vintage column. This post originally went up in January of 2012.

Sports and sexuality have a long, complicated and occasionally sordid shared history. Ideas about gender roles and the interaction between sexual orientation and gender expression have colored the expectations many people have about who can be athletic… and who can be LGBT.

First: Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Tewksbury visits Pride House at the 2010 Games and reflects on the lack of other out queer athletes in elite sports. It includes some personal reflections on the challenges gay Olympians have faced and how, as a young person, their sport was one way to find peace and pride.

This piece is part 1 of an episode of Inside Sport. After some high profile pro athlete coming out stories, including rugby star Gareth Thomas, many are reconsidering their opinions on how LGBT people fit into the world of sports.

The awesome trend of pro athletes making It Gets Better videos has reached an almost mainstream-ness. If you want to see some inspiring (or at least reassuring) vids, there are scads from lots of impressive teams and players.

Here is an It Gets Better vid from people who are athletes, but not famous. In many ways, I think these testimonials are even more meaningful.

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