Upskirts, Clitorises, & Congressional Sanctimony

US rejects UN resolution banning death penalty for gay people. House passes ban on abortion after 20 weeks. Strategies for avoiding oppressive polyamory. CDC officially recognizes people with undetectable HIV levels can’t transmit it to others. Natalie Morales has excellent reply to paparazzi upskirt shots. Feminist history of bicycles. The price off Senegal’s strict abortion laws. New Zealand’s viral ad against casual homophobia. Educators not allowed to say “clitoris” in the classroom.

#doboth.pngDTF: the greatest sex ed/comedy/game show in the known universe is on Friday the 13th of October! Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both: TEDx and burlesque by the same performers is Oct 20! Get your tix for Diabolique 21Diabolique 21: be bad for a good cause! Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Anti-choice PA senator reportedly asked girlfriend to get abortion to cover affair. Sex & sanctimony in Congress. Indiana court rules sex with 16 year old is legally, sexting them is not. A call for ad agencies to be more inclusive of sexuality and race. Cancer survivor talks about sexuality in the boxing industry. How to have sex when you have small kids. O on an A-Z list of fetishes. How much younger/older do we want our partners to be? Guide to chest binding.

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