Poly 101, Selfies with Catcallers, & Mistress Dispellers

Keeping your dick from being smelly. 101 polyamory guide. 8 men on what it was like for their partner to get an abortion. Why should we talk more about vaginas? On being the only of your gender at work. The woman who took selfies with her catcallers for a month.

diabolique.jpgDTF: the greatest sex ed/comedy/game show in the known universe is on Friday the 13th of October! Get You a Girl Who Can Do Both: TEDx and burlesque by the same performers is Oct 20! Get your tix to fetish charity event Diabolique 21: be bad for a good cause. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

How “both sides” media punditry hurts trans people. Brutal truths about emotions. Chinese mistress dispellers. What “counts” as sex to LGB people? If women’s magazines were aimed at queer women. What men and women perceive about household work.

Hat tip to Amanda, Anne!

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