Weinstein, Intersex Rights & Hefner’s Legacy

Things we wrongly assume about fetishists. Lesbian and bi women from history who did the thing first. The intersex rights movement is ready for its moment. My take on the legacy of Hugh Hefner. Why aren’t we doing more fingering? MRI orgasm study finds women’s brains don’t need to “switch off.”

Intro to role play.pngStars speak out about Weinstein’s sexual harassment. Why did NBC News try to squash Ronan Farrow’s expose on Weinstein? Pop culture references to Weinstein’s notoriously bad behavior. How men like Weinstein implicate their victims.

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Why were Stanford scientists trying to design AI gaydar? Boy Scouts will admit girls. Investigators find hidden cameras in AirBNBs. How to have a better relationship. How facebook outs sex workers. Reminder that abstinence-only education is garbage. Indian supreme court rules against sex with underaged wives.

Hat tip to Amanda, Nikki!

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