Hatpins, Surveillance Vibrators, & Drag Queens

How women used hatpins to fend off gropers 100 years ago. How to raise a child who respects women. Woman marries son, then daughter. What do experts say about sex addiction? Company admits vibrators secretly recorded sounds, etc. Indonesian’s hijab-wearing comic. Sex therapist takes on the wave of misconduct allegations.  Compliments are like mini orgasms for your brain.

a on everything.pngTake it Off Broadway: burlesque variety show. Get your tix to fetish charity event Diabolique 21: be bad for a good cause. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Germany must create third gender category, court rules. Celebrating gender variance in Burma’s spirit cults. What are your favorite masturbation techniques? Become an amateur orgasm scientist. We asked the blowjob wedding photographer: why? Questions you always wanted to ask a drag queen. SCOTUS taken on free speech and anti-abortion activists.

Hat tip to Tesla!

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