“Mostly Straight,” Bill Clinton’s Reckoning, & Genital Beauty Standards

Harvard researchers try to make “mostly straight” a thing instead of just saying the word bisexual. The population effects of millennials not having kids. How does orientation affect what activities you do in bed? Monday was Trans Day of Remembrance. Education needs to ramp up for young people who are being more “experimental” in bed. NJ student athletes no long have to prove gender identity.  Ezra Miller’s Flash movie is gonna make LGBT history. Is there a gap in medical care for men and women?

nov 2017.jpgThe next Agitated!, the all politics drag and burlesque show, is Nov 29th. DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour has a special date in December: 12/01! Honeygasm Dec 3rd features two returning globe-trotting performers and the winner of the upcoming Burlesque Battle Royale season finale.

Monogamy may not be able to protect you from STIs. The reckoning coming for Bill Clinton? Post-Weinstein: The list of men called out for harassment and abuse and the consequences so far. Redefining genital beauty standards. The first time we kissed a girl. Why would you live in a commune if you can’t get it on? Sex tips you (maybe) haven’t already heard. How start ups commercialize depends on founder’s gender.

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