The Yelp of LGBT Medicine: An Interview with QSpaces Founder Catherine Hoffman

More than 50% of lesbian gay and bisexual people are discriminated against by doctors and for trans people that number jumps to 70%. This isn’t the AIDS crisis of the 80’s. This is common colds and cancer screenings in 2017. 

Blue Suit at Station.jpgFinding good medical care is hard even when you’re not facing the additional concerns of prejudice. But QSpaces, an organization based out of West Philadelphia, is addressing these issues directly.

Co-founder Catherine Hoffman came on the show to chat about the work she and her wife Nic do, including the website that allows queer folks to share information about medical professionals and rate them on their care and LGBTQ competency. It’s like a queer Yelp.
But it doesn’t stop there, QSpaces is actively working to help doctors get better at treating LGBTQ patients “providing intersectional LGBTQ trainings and resources to health and wellness providers to increase their LGBTQ-friendliness and proficiency so they can treat all patients with dignity and competency.”

Find out more about why this matters and how you can be a part of this, plus hear us talk about being Midwestern queer kids.

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